Encouraging the creation and development of innovative companies


In 2019, IRT SystemX created its recovery subsidiary, SystemX Transfert. Its ambition: to create a new model for technology transfer to industry and services.

In order to provide clarity between its profit and non-profit activities, SystemX created its own valuation subsidiary. This subsidiary helps it in its socio-economic mission of valuating its results. By providing a legal basis with a certain flexibility in its governance and decision- making processes, SystemX Transfert enables it to accelerate technology transfer. Through the creation of this valuation subsidiary, SystemX is also sending a strong signal to its teams with an entrepreneurial spirit by giving them the opportunity to benefit from the institute’s support in the realisation of their projects.

“The creation of The Blockchain Xdev in 2019 gave concrete form to the spin-off project that I led within IRT SystemX, with the aim of creating a reference player in charge of supporting manufacturers in
the adoption and use of this technology in their business lines. Today, we work closely with SystemX by positioning ourselves as a relay for the industrialisation of the technological building blocks resulting from its R&D projects in order to promote the design, integration and supervision of blockchain solutions within our clients’ IT infrastructures.”

Charles Kremer, Managing Director, The Blockchain Xdev



Company Secretary,
IRT SystemX

How did the idea of the creation of this valuation subsidiary emerge?

The primary objective was to deepen the mechanism for valuating the technologies and innovations resulting from our R&D projects. The creation of this “subsidiary” notably allows us to enter into the capital of startups exploiting these assets. In concrete terms, it is the outcome of a spin-off project in the field of blockchain technology that has led us to accelerate our thinking. In creating SystemX Transfert, we wanted to be able to support the project leader by creating a new model for technology transfer to industry. Our valuation subsidiary provides us with a real legal and commercial structure adapted to valuate the assets of our IRT.

What are the ambitions of the institute through its valuation subsidiary?

With SystemX Transfert, we seek to create impact and value for our partners. Our ambition is to process one to three equity investment or licensing deals per year, based on promising assets developed within the institute. In the longer term, this structure is intended to strengthen the IRT’s attractiveness to talent and contribute to job creation in France.

What assets are likely to be valuated by SystemX Transfert?

Our R&D projects produce digital assets that can take the form of of methodologies, data sets, algorithms, software, or functional proof-of-concept demonstrators. These assets are as many elements to perpetuate, enhance and capitalise in order to ensure quality transfers and controlled reuse. They can give rise to a technological platform as soon as a potential for reuse has been detected. SystemX Transfert’s vocation is to accompany the valorisation of all these digital assets towards our partners.


The Blockchain Xdev: a hub for the industrialization of the technological bricks of SystemX’s
R&D projects in the field of blockchain.

The Blockchain Xdev, a subsidiary of The Blockchain Group, was born in 2019 from the first SystemX Transfert spin-off. The entity has a licence to use the institute’s blockchain oriented assets to support the design, integration and supervision of blockchain solutions within the IT infrastructures of its customers. Through this collaboration, IRT SystemX and The Blockchain Group have completed the blockchain landscape by creating a reference player in charge of supporting manufacturers in the adoption and use of this technology in their business lines. In one year of existence, The Blockchain Xdev has created five jobs and generated a turnover of €1 million euros.