SystemX, a reference institute for analysis, modelling, simulation and decision management


Accelerating the digital transformation

Based on the Saclay plateau, in Lyon and Singapore, SystemX is a Technological Research Institute (IRT) expert in analysis, modelling, simulation and decision support applied to complex systems. Dedicated to the digital engineering of the systems of the future, it coordinates partnership research projects, bring-ing together academics and industrialists in a multi-field perspective. Together, they work to remove major scientific and technological obstacles in 4 priority application sectors: Mobility and Autonomous Transport, Industry of the Future, Security and Defence, Environment and Sustainable Development.
Through use-case oriented projects, SystemX’s engineer-researchers respond to the major societal and technological challenges of our time, and thus contribute to accelerating the digital transformation of industries, services and territories.

Towards a more sustainable, resilient and sovereign society

The institute has set up three indicators that serve as a guideline for prioritizing the issues to be addressed with its partners: residency, sovereignty and sustainability. These labels of quality guarantee that it is addressing the current issues that contribute to imagining and designing a new digital world that is safer, more sustainable and more efficient.

A melting pot of interactions between the academic and the industrial worlds

Digital technology is essential to the transformation of the industry and more broadly our society. In order to support and accelerate its deployment, the institute offers its partners a unique research environment. Within its R&D projects, its engineer-researchers create the link between fundamental and applied research to meet a triple objective: stimulate knowledge production, strengthen collaborative R&D capacities and accelerate the use of technologies. Their research work, consolidated by high-level digital assets, enables IRT SystemX to provide concrete responses to the use cases of its industrial partners (startups, SMEs, large groups) by drawing on cutting-edge academic research.

A unique value proposition

The IRT SystemX offer is divided into three parts:

The offer to BOOST


Support an industrial partner wishing to test technological solutions on a specific use case and understand the interest for its business lines.


3 to 6 months.


Realization of a Proof of Concept (POC) from the bricks “on the shelf” or pre-existing within the institute.

The offer to IMPROVE


Consolidate innovation ecosystems through the conduct of collaborative R&D projects with the aim of removing scientific and technological obstacles. These projects bring together collaborators from large groups, SMEs, research engineers from SystemX and academic players to place scientific excellence at the service of industrial challenges.


2 to 5 years.


Major technological and scientific advances, production of patents, software and technology transfers.

The offer to ADVANCE


Federate the skills and excellence of the academic partners around major scientific challenges.


At least 3 years.


Deployment of research initiatives and industrial chairs or doctoral programmes (e.g. the academic research community BART dedicated to the blockchain launched in 2018).