Doctoral student

What did you learn from your PhD at IRT SystemX?

The institute gave me the opportunity to work on a multidisciplinary R&D project with industrial players and academic experts in mobility and automobile construction. Their know-how and experience have enabled me to acquire a great deal of theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of modelling new travel services, data analysis, transport user behavioural studies, optimisation, machine learning and programming.

What role did the institute play in your subsequent career?

The IRT is known for its expertise in emerging fields. It is thanks to this reputation and also with the help of the Institute’s Scientific Department that I was able to join Systra, a reference company in the transport sector and a SystemX partner. I currently hold the position of Business Manager, which consists of managing and ensuring the smooth running of transport planning study missions. I also work in the field of travel and transport system modelling.

Can you describe SystemX in 3 words?

Digital, Innovation, Collaboration.