Pierpaolo CINCILLA

Cybersecurity Expert,
Renault Group

I joined SystemX in October 2014 as a research engineer, before moving on to a project manager position. This was my first professional experience after my PhD. The institute enabled me to keep one foot in the world of research, while working with industrialists on exciting projects.
When I arrived, I was lucky enough to be in-tegrated into a project involving open and passionate partners. I very quickly had the opportunity to develop my skills, to partic-ipate in the launch of two projects in areas related to the safety of connected and au-tonomous vehicles and to take the lead in one of them. The dynamic environment of the institute, which almost tripled in size between the day I arrived and the day I left, also allowed me to push my ideas and take on many initiatives.
In 2018, I left the institute to seize a great professional opportunity at Renault. The project I invested in, the energy I put into it, and the stimulating environment of the institute played a very important role in my professional development. For me, the IRT was a privileged place of observation to come into contact with academic and industrial realities.