Laura Mariana Reyes Madrigal

Doctoral student
R&D project: Human Centered Mobility (HCM) – Anthropolis Chair
Partner laboratories: CentraleSupélec industrial engineering laboratory – University of Paris-Saclay
Dissertation topic: Leveraging pedestrian mobility in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions: approach to governance and public policy implications
Dissertation started in 2020

What is your dissertation about?

My thesis studies how to identify mechanisms to create value sustainably with Mobility-as-a-Service solutions. This innovation aims to integrate information and data from multiple mobility services and different infrastructures available in a region onto a single digital platform. This enables users to receive travel information in real time and to pay for and access services that are part of the mobility ecosystem.

Why did you decide to carry out your doctoral studies at IRT SystemX?

I discovered the Anthropolis chair through a researcher at my former research lab where I did my Master’s internship in transport and mobility. For me, doing my dissertation with IRT SystemX is a unique opportunity to be involved in both innovation and industry while remaining at the heart of an academic context with the goal of researching MaaS, which I am passionate about.

What do you like best at SystemX?

I like the work environment at the institute, it is so friendly and dynamic. I also like being surrounded by colleagues with different experiences and backgrounds who encourage me to think differently.