Jeet Desai

Doctoral student
R&D project: Topology Optimization Platform (TOP)
Partner laboratories: Jacques-Louis Lions laboratory (Sorbonne University), Centre for Applied Mathematics (École Polytechnique)
Dissertation topic: Topological optimisation in the mechanics of contact, plasticity and damage using a level set method
Dissertation completed between 2018 and 2021

What are some of the highlights from your experience as a PhD student at IRT SystemX?

I got to be part of an excellent team, and had exceptional pedagogical and scientific leadership from the institute’s teams and its industrial and academic partners. This wide range of skills and backgrounds was really enriching, and I learned a lot.

What impact did the institute have on your career?

After completing my PhD, I went back to my home country, India. I want to found a start-up that captures CO2 from the atmosphere. I was able to learn the key skills to do this during my time at IRT, both on a scientific and technical level.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of having been able to demonstrate a new mathematical theorem. The environment at IRT is ideal for this kind of research and played an important part in this achievement.