Jeanine Harb

Research Engineer at IRT SystemX from 2017 to 2020, currently Senior Data Engineer,

I joined IRT SystemX in 2017 to work on an autonomous train project in partnership with SNCF and Alstom. I am only just now realising the scope of the project, which aimed at reproducing a train driver’s point of view using intelligent algorithms. When the project was launched, it was missing its raw material: data! We set up a test train with sensors, built a substantial image database, developed and optimised algorithms, and finally produced our proof of concept. I was also lucky to be able to open up some of the annotated images to the general public to contribute to the worldwide open data effort around applied research. It was very exciting! Thanks to the project, I got to apply AI to a field I was not familiar with. SystemX offers this kind of synergy to everyone who spend time at the institute.