A one-of-a-kind offer in training development


SystemX has developed its training engineering activities in order to promote the dissemination of the knowledge and skills developed within its R&D projects to its employees and industrial partners.

The institute is strengthening its role as an accelerator of the digital transformation by offering a unique training engineering pro-gramme based on its eight scientific and technological fields (Data Sciences and AI, Scientific Computing Interaction and Use, Optimisation, Systems Engineering, Operating Safety, Digital Security and Blockchain, IoT and Networks) and their inter-faces. The continuing education modules are built in association with excellent academic and industrial partners.

Passport@SystemX: supporting the development of SystemX employees

The institute supports the continuous learning of its engineer-researchers through the implementation of a common set of skills. Passport@SystemX, launched in 2019, enables all employees to receive general training in its eight scientific and technological fields, thus diversifying their skills. Its objective is to facilitate career development within the institute while consolidating a common DNA of expertise. More than fifty of the institute’s employees have already been trained as part of this offer.

Campus@SystemX: supporting the skills development of industrial players

This continuing education and certification of-fer is co-constructed with academic partners or with certain industrial partners of the institute already operating training. It aims to accelerate the development of the skills of industrial players by offering them privileged access to certain results of the institute’s R&D projects transformed into educational bricks. The first training courses have already been given in the fields of blockchain and cybersecurity, in partnership with Télécom Évolution.

“At IRT SystemX, we offer a training programme adapted to the challenges of the digital transformation, responding to the current problems of the industrial world. Our ambition: to provide the industrial world with the results developed in our R&D projects in the form of training modules covering all of the institute’s scientific and technological fields and their interfaces.”

Alexandre Bekhradi, Training Development Manager, IRT SystemX


Since 2020, SystemX has been carrying out the IFI (Innovative Training Engineering) research project which structures its training engineering methodology. Its main objective is to identify the building blocks of knowledge and the technologies that can be exploited from its R&D projects, as well as the pedagogical approaches best adapted to the changes in expertise expected by many industrial sectors.